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Google’s SEO Starter Guide now available

SEO Starter Guide now available in 40 languages

Even though the guide may a little advanced the guide is for beginners (according to Google). I urge new bloggers to download  it and read it. Many of the ideas suggested by Google is already plugged into to your blog.


But that does not mean you should not know about them.


You need to read and study these ideas and then also go and implement some of the ideas that are outside of your blog. [you’ll get the idea; for example Google suggest that you list your blog at the Local Business Centre.


Download the SEO guide here

How To Market Your Blog Newsletter Off Line



Sergio Morales, the most experienced Cuban Har...

Image by AFP/Getty Images via Daylife

An open letter to Jimmy.


We are now getting to the marketing of your newsletter.



You’ll see that I have added a newsletter box to your site.



You and your friends must go and subscribe.



Include on all your marketing material an invitation to subscribe to your free harley owners insurance tips. For example:  "Get FREE Harley Owners Insurance Tips Visit Today!



  1. Your business cards,
  2. Flyers,
  3. Letter heads,
  4. On your door….. everywhere.
  5. Add it to your email signature (important)
  6. Check other places online where harley guys and  girls meet and get involved with the discussion and  leave your signature. (forums, blogs etc).
  7. Go and create a Google Alert or more on Harley news south africa, harely accidents etc and stay in touch with the news
  8. Get involved with harley clubs and give talks and then give them an invitation to your free newsletter address
  9. Start adding more and more useful harley info on your blog it does not have to be always insurance related.
  10. Do interviews with people who had accidents, interview club presidents on insurance issues and publish the tips advice on your blog. The president will tell people to go and see your blog and read what he had to say.
  11. Network, network and tell and show. 






Johan Horak



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Lazily Manage Google Analytics With Great Desktop Application

I needed way to easily or is it lazily measure the traffic to me WordPress sites. BTW: All of my WordPress sites run on my free multi blog install.

This is what I did:

  • Installed Ultimate Google Analytics plugin and made it available for all blogs (users).
  • Got my unique Google Analytics ID
  • Added the ID to Ultimate Google Analytics plugin.
  • Downloaded the free desktop application called  Google Analytics Adobe Air Application. (The software was in Beta when I used it the first time. The developer has discontinued any development and sold it on. There’s a product called Polaris that gives you one free account and an option to pay $15 for an  upgrade for life. Not bad). With the free beta you can also add more than one blog / website. At the download link use the second use the second Softpedia Mirror.

All I do now is open the desktop application click here and there and see where all the traffic is coming from.

Have Fun

Johan Horak

Morals Are Out Dated

Morals are the creation of a people with a outdated consciousness. There will be a lot of resistance; be aware but do not resist 😉

If morals are out dated what’s the issue now?


Each individual is responsible for his own rights and wrongs. Our use of the internet (twitter) is one of the freedoms we have.

Morals are or is it were the creation of large corporations and churches. They are all failing.

These outdate morally conscious people will resist. There will be a lot of resistance; be aware but do not resist 😉

The more people push and pull the faster it will happen but you and I don’t need to get at the point of resistance. It will happen without us, being aware, getting involved.

Have fun and observe.